The DISTRICTS Youth Conference Registration WebSite Opens on October 1st TO EFCA CHURCHES AND OCTOBER 15TH TO NON-EFCA CHURCHES.

Included on this page are instructions and a video to help you navigate registering your group for this years DISTRICTS Youth Conference.

Please note that we have received an overwhelming amount of interest from churches wishing to attend this year's conference. We cannot emphasize enough how important it will be for you to register your group as soon as possible to ensure your spots at DYC 2019.


  • NEW CHURCHES: If you are a new church, on the opening page go to the top right corner and click on request invite.

  • PREVIOUSLY ATTENDED: If you have registered in previous years, click on sign in and put in your password from previous years. If you don’t remember your password click “Request a new password”. Please write down the password you are emailed for future reference. 

Once you sign into the website, please update all your information including church information, main contact, cell phone, top two hotel choices, and whether or not you will need a shuttle (if your bus or busses will be dropping you off and coming back on Sunday). If you have vehicles at the conference, we expect you to use them and not use our hotel shuttles. 

After you update your contact information, you are ready to begin registering your group


There are 4,200 spots available at DISTRICTS 2020.

We expect to sell out this year.

Once we sell out you will not be able to register any additional attendees to your group. The earlier you can register your group the better chance you will have to secure all the spots you will need.

There is a registration counter available on our website to help you watch when we get close to selling out. We encourage you to check this number regularly to see how many people are registered.

Please watch the above video BEFORE sending us any questions.



There are two ways to add attendees to your group: 
1. Individually
2. As a group from an excel spreadsheet (NEW feature this year)

If you prefer to use a spreadsheet and load them in at one time - here is the procedure:

  1. Click on Enter Attendees

  2. Click on Attendee Actions in right hand corner 

  3. Click on download the CSV sample into an excel spreadsheet. If you have a PC, it will automatically download the sample into the Excel Spreadsheet. If you have a MAC you will need to right click on Download sample format CSV file and then click on download file link.

  4. Enter Attendees into the excel spreadsheet format to put in your attendees and save this file. 

  5. Then you will upload this file again by clicking on Attendee Actions and upload the excel spreadsheet you have saved

  6. If you want to add more attendees down the road you have two choices in adding them: Re-load all of them or just add those new additions. See video for more explanation on this. 

  7. Make sure you place an order in the store for each person that is registered so they get counted in the registration counter on the main page. 


Some clarifying notes from frequently asked questions:

  • The DISTRICTS primary website is

  • The group registration website is (please note that this is different than the main website listed above).

  • The password to get into the leaders only section on the main website is youthleadersrule

  • All needed information is in the Leaders Packet and/or promo materials available for download in the Leaders Only section of our website. Please read through the entire packet or any emails you've received before sending us questions.

  • A new brochure is now available for download in the promo materials that is editable and allows you the ability to enter your cost for your group. We apologize that we are not able to make any additional edits to our promo material for your group's information. We encourage you to create your own informational material for your group as needed.


Please keep all websites and passwords somewhere you can access them when needed as we will not be sending any further email reminders.