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Sometimes we will only serve if it’s something we would like to do or we already good at. That type of service is focused on us.

But what if you were asked to serve in an area of need within the city without knowing all the details? You just get on a bus and find out what you are doing when you get there. All of this, while maintaining an attitude like Jesus, who came not be served but serve others.

Well this year we’ve aggregated a number service projects with organizations around Green Bay. It could be a school, a homeless shelter, a food bank or something else but until you get on that bus you won’t know your specific project. We want students and leaders who are open and willing to let God use them wherever and however He wants. The offering this year at Districts will go to benefit the projects and organizations we have partnered with throughout Green Bay, as well as our mission partner Upstream International. To get your group involved check out the details below.

We need your help!

There’s 2 easy ways to get involved...


Challenge your students to give and pray. Every year we take an offering at Districts. Lots of people give a little bit of their money and that adds up to a lot. Not just in terms of the number of dollars but in terms of the impact. All the money from the offering will go right back into service projects and area organizations as well as Upstream International.


2. Sign Your Group Up to Serve

We are looking for teams of 6 to 10 students with an adult leader to sign up for Saturday time slots. You can sign up by emailing Each group will sign up for designated time and will simply show up during their time slot on the Saturday of Districts to get on the volunteer bus. As the bus is going to your organization you’ll get a briefing on what the organization is and how you are going to help. Are you ready to serve like it’s not about you? Check out the leaders page of the website to learn more about signing up.


sign your group up


Complete the form below to sign your youth group up for one of our Saturday time slots. Once our service project coordinator receives your request, he will contact you to confirm your request to sign up

PLEASE NOTE: For safety and logistical concerns you must sign up your group in groups of six students per at least one adult leader.

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