The 2020 DISTRICTS Youth Conference Media Kit includes…

  • 2020 Leaders’ Packet

  • 2020 Conference Branding (JPG & PNG)

  • General Districts Branding (JPG & PNG)

  • Social Media Promotional Materials

  • Presentation background slides

  • Editable 8.5” x 11” poster

  • Editable 8.5” x 14” poster

  • Promo Video (Coming September 2019)

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 2.49.32 PM.png

About the districts Logo

We are happy to share the logo files with you for promotional use in your congregation and community and ask that you abide by the following style guide standards.

Acceptable Use

Standards for acceptable use of the official 2020 DYC Primary Logo mark:

  • Proportions should remain consistent to the original design and not be distorted, redrawn or recomposed.

  • No alternative fonts can substitute for the typographic elements within the mark.

  • The mark should not be used on any background that would interfere with the legibility or ability to be recognizable.

  • No elements may be removed from or added to the mark.

The mark can be sized as needed, taking care that proportions remain exact. For the sake of readability, it should not be reduced below 0.5” for print or 36 px for web.

The logo and theme of the 2020 Districts Youth Conference, including those of previously held Gatherings, are and shall remain the property of The EFCA Forest Lake District and The Districts Youth Conference.

The EFCA Forest Lake District and The Districts Youth Conference retains the right to determine who may use the logo and in what way. The EFCA Forest Lake District and The Districts Youth Conference reserves the right to decline a request for use that could damage the integrity of the conference or youth ministry in the FLD.

Ordinarily, the logo and theme may be used by church or youth groups in the Forest Lakes District for the promotion of the conference and youth ministry.

It must be used to promote and support youth ministry.

It may be used on products to help young people raise funds to get to Districts; it may not be used for profit by any other individuals or groups apart from FLD youth ministries.

Incentive salespersons shall not be permitted to use the logo and theme to create a catalog of product to promote to youth groups as fundraising products without the expressed permission of The EFCA Forest Lake District and The Districts Youth Conference. Please contact us at Direct media requests can be made to Manda Julaine Designs at

Identity Mark Colors

The color palette serves as a foundation for all design work and provides the strong visual cues needed to identify the brand. Use the logo colors sparingly so they do not outshine the logo. A designer or printer may request these qualifications.

Goldenrod Yellow

CMYK: 7, 27, 85, 0
RGB: 237, 185, 67
Hex: #edb943
Pantone: 1225c

Charcoal Grey

CMYK: 72, 66, 65, 75
RGB: 30, 30, 30
Hex: #1e1e1e
Pantone: Black C


The 2020 Districts Youth Conference uses Futura PT as the primary typeface for all body copy text and Stamp And Co for all headlines and subheads. In printed documents you may also use League Spartan for headers.


All promotional images are to be used exactly as they are in the photo pack. Photos may not be cropped, edited, altered or used with filters of any kind. Photos are the property of Districts Youth Conference and Jake Anderson Photo.


If you have any questions regarding the logo or its use, please contact Rob or Nancy Weise at You may also email our designer directly at

Any use or redistribution of the logo for the 2020 Districts Youth Conference not in accordance with the specified guidelines or in any way not expressly given by The EFCA Forest Lake District and The Districts Youth Conference is prohibited without written consent.

Districts Branding is created by Manda Julaine Designs, LLC.